In the early days of the internet Howard Gordon (creator of “Homeland” and “24”), Rob Lazebnik (executive producer, “The Simpsons”) and Jonathan Collier (writer and producer, “King of the Hill” and “Bones”) were among the first to see the potential of web animation as a way to bring ideas too unconventional for television to a brand new audience.

Bringing together more than a hundred top writers, animators and actors from “The Simpsons”, “South Park”, “Seinfeld”, “Newsradio”, “Mr. Show”, “Larry Sanders” and more to create original, unrestricted comedy series, the original Icebox.com was a tremendous success. Larry David, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Eric Kaplan, Dave Foley, Brian Posehn, Pam Brady, Billy West, Tess McNeil, Peter Bagge, Dana Gould, Jeff Martin, Kevin Curran and many, many more top names in television comedy had a hand in creating critically acclaimed Icebox series like “Zombie College”, “Starship Regulars”, “Superhero Roommate”, and “Rock N’ Roll Dad”.

The game-changing developments of recent years have made it possible to reach an audience through streaming video like never before and we believe it’s the perfect time to bring Icebox back. Between our extensive writer relationships, both established & emerging along with expertise in low-cost, high-quality Flash animation and video production and international experience with multiple media platforms including movies, television and webseries we are in a uniquely advantageous position no other company can match. We are the owner of a large library of classic content for our cult fanbase as well as brand new creations from our partners and the next generation of rising talent.

Our mission statement is simple: We believe that if you give brilliant writers the tools to produce they way they want without interference the chances of success increase exponentially. Mike Reiss, “Simpsons” writer and creator of Icebox’s “Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln” and “Queer Duck” explains it best on in an interview on the new Icebox Youtube channel:

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